Proposition 21 Defeated

2020 has been a tough year for the rental market in California in many ways but, the good news is that Proposition 21 was defeated on November 3rd. This means that State-wide rent control will not come into effect in California anytime soon. Does this mean that we will see full rent control in the…

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What Are the Critics Saying About Rent Control in California?


Once it’s signed by Governor Newsom, AB 1482 will be the Golden State’s real foray into rent control. Sadly, the state isn’t done yet because many politicians and tenants support even more stringent rent control efforts but the big question is what are all of the critics saying about rent control in California? The Critics…

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AB 1482 Advances In Senate

Is rent control in California getting closer to becoming a reality? If our elected officials have their say, they answer to this question would be yes, especially thanks to AB 1482. What is AB 1482? It’s a new bill that if signed by Governor Newsom will impose statewide rent control and make it illegal for…

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California Rent Control Update

Are you searching for information about rent control in California? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will provide you with the latest information about rent control in the Golden State. What’s Happened After The November 2018 Election? The November 2018 election was supposed to be the beginning of rent…

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Rent Control in Southern California Is Spreading

Rent Control California

By RPM Central Valley Tenant’s groups in California have been working overtime in recent years to make rent control law and as of April 2018 just about every city in the Golden State has a rent control initiative on the ballot. The California Local Rent Control Initiative (#17-0041) may appear on the ballot in California’s an initiated state statute on November 6, 2018.…

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Rent Control – Does It Actually Work? – The Answer Is No

Average Rent In Stockton CA – July 2016

By RPM Central Valley Rents are literally sky rocketing across the United States, especially in parts of Northern California and Southern California but should rent control actually be considered as a long-term tool for slowing down ever increasing rents? The answer to this question is no. Why Rent Control Doesn’t Work Although rent control is…

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