Tips For Reducing Vacancies FAST


There’s nothing worse than having a vacancy as a landlord because this means one thing, you’re going to have to cover your mortgage and expenses for the property during the month that your rental sits vacant. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever before to end vacancies fast, especially if you follow these tips. Tip #1 –…

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Secrets To Profitable And Successful Landlords

Are you planning on investing in a Central Valley rental property in 2021 for the first time? If so, you’re making a smart choice. Rental properties continue to be an excellent way to build wealth and establish cash flow. In this article we will share with you several tips from profitable and successful landlords that…

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5 Things DIY Landlords End Up Hating About Land lording


Do you’ve decided to make the decision to become a DIY landlord because you want to do everything yourself? Although this is a noble position to take, the reality is that most DIY property management landlords end up hating the process of being a landlord but they become “stuck” with the desire to save money…

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Landlord Problems to Avoid In 2020

property manager

In our last posts, we offered you real solutions that you can use for increasing the ROI that you will receive from your investment property in 2020. Even though getting more ROI from an investment property is important, as a landlord you should also be focused on avoiding problems because going through landlord problems can…

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What Are The Biggest Mistakes That Most Landlords Make?

Tips For Choosing The Right Central Valley Rental Property

Owning rental properties is without a doubt still a great investment to make. Every landlord in the very beginning has dreams of owning a profitable rental property that offers excellent ROI but there are some mistakes that landlords make which can eat into rental profits and make life difficult. In this article we will break…

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