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Archive for November 2015

Interior Design — Small Open-Concept Home Renovation

Designer Olivia Botrie of Barbara Purdy Design walks us through the renovation of her parents’ home after they downsized. See how her design blends rustic warmth and a clean, contemporary feel. Modern fireplaces add cosiness, while a herringbone floor and stone wall in the mudroom is contrasted by a sleek white kitchen with concealed appliances.…

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GoPro Hero 3 Home Renovation Timelapse

Are you thinking about renovating your Central Valley rental property but don’t know what to expect? Watch this video to see how a home renovation progresses from start to finish. Learn More: For more tips on what you should do to increase the value of your rental property contact RPM Central Valley today by calling…

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Kitchen remodeling mistakes | Consumer Reports

What’s the secret to a successful kitchen remodel? Consumer Reports asked contractors and homeowners who have renovated. Good planning is one key to avoiding common design goofs like these. For more tips on things you can do to improve the kitchen in your rental property contact RPM Central Valley today by calling us at (209)…

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5 Property Management Tips From an Office Pro

Whether you’re managing an office tower, amultifamily community, an industrial park or some othercommercial real estate asset, there are some general rules of thumb that will help you compete with other properties in your region without breaking the bank. Although it’s daunting when neighboring properties launch multimillion-dollar capital improvement campaigns that you can’t match, there…

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Why Chose A Central Valley Property Manager?

Stockton, CA – Over time as you acquire more rental properties it’s going to be vital for you to hire a Central Valley Property Manager sooner rather than later to help you efficiently manage your rental properties especially for the following reasons. #1 – On Time Rent Collection When you hire a Central Valley Property…

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