Rental Property Vs. Stocks – Which Option Is Better For 2021?

Are you thinking about investing in rental property vs. stock but you’re not sure which is the right decision to make? Even though this blog is devoted to investing in multifamily rental property, the reality is that both investments have an equal amount of benefits that investors should consider. This is why in this article;…

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How to make the tenant move out process easier

If you own rental properties in the Central Valley, like most landlords you probably hate the tenant move out process because it can be time consuming. Thankfully, tenant move outs can be easier than you can imagine, especially if you follow these simple tips. 1. Encourage Two-Way Tenant Communication Early On In the previous post,…

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Have Top-Notch Tenants? Here’s How to Keep Them


Most property managers just sit around and wait until it’s time to renew before asking their tenants if they would like to—at a higher rent the tenant didn’t see coming. Others put in a sneaky clause that automatically renews the lease for a year if the tenant doesn’t actively opt-out within 30 days of their…

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Tips for attracting great tenants to your property


Got a vacant Central Valley rental property? If so, one thing that you want to to as a landlord is get that property rented ASAP because you obviously have to pay the mortgage and other costs associated with the rental property yourself. In this article we will share with you several tips for filling a…

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Tips Renting Your House For The First Time

Are you planning on renting your Central Valley home for the first time? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will offer you steps that you can use for renting your home for the first time. Get Your Home Ready For Rent The first thing to do before renting your…

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Tips for buying your first investment property

investment property

Real estate is one of America’s favorite investments — and with good reason. In an ideal scenario, you buy an investment property, pay down the mortgage with rental payments, and keep the profits when you later sell. Demand for investment properties has been climbing for several years, and most of the push is coming from…

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Multifamily rent growth stays negative but may recover soon

Multifamily rent growth remained in negative territory in February, but the latest Yardi Matrix report showed recovery signs. National average rents dipped by 0.1% year over year last month. But while national rent growth was negative, annual rents have steadily inched closer to positive since October. According to Yardi, February could be the last month…

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