Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager


Are you searching for information online regarding the benefits that you will enjoy from hiring a property manager?  If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve listed some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you hire a property management company. Benefit #1 – High-Quality Tenants The first benefit that…

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What Is the Implied Warranty of Habitability in California?

Home prices up almost 7% in April CoreLogic says

In the previous article we touched on the topic of the Implied Warranty of Habitability in California. This is an issue that should be of importance to every landlord and renter in the state. It essentially forms the basis for what a tenant should expect from a rental property and it also provides a landlord…

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Are Landlords Responsible for Air Conditioning?

If you own rental properties in the Central Valley one thing is for certain, it does get hotter in the Central Valley than it does in other areas of California and this may lead some tenants to think that as a landlord you are required to provide air conditioning in the rental property. Thanks to…

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Tips For Getting Your Rental Property Ready For Summer

Lodi Property Management

With the start of summer just days away now is the perfect time for every landlord in the Central Valley, and across the United States, to get their rental properties ready for the summer months. If it’s been some time since you maintained your rental property, this article will provide you with tips that you…

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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Does your central valley rental property have a swimming pool? If so, with summer quickly approaching, your tenants may be planning on utilizing that pool on a daily basis. This is why you should focus more on safety now than ever before. In this article, we will share with you a variety of safety tips…

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