Do Your Renters Have Active Renters Insurance Policies?

At RPM Central Valley, one of the most important things that we encourage landlords to do every single year is to check in with their tenants to make sure that they have active renter’s insurance policies. Renters insurance is important because, it protects the tenant’s possessions if there’s a flood, fire, or “Act of God”…

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Emergency Preparedness Tips for Landlords


One thing that coronavirus has highlighted is the importance of landlords having an emergency plan in place that will enable them to deal with disasters at their rental properties. It doesn’t matter if you’ve own rental properties in the Central Valley for years, or you just recently purchased your first property, if you don’t have…

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How Long Will It Take Airbnb In the Central Valley to Recover?

rental property

With the lockdown continuing across the State of California, short-term bookings have dried-up and Airbnb investors want to know if the Central Valley Airbnb rental market is going to recover? The answer to this question is yes but, the short term rental market in the Central Valley may not recover for another 120 days or…

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Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate


Are you searching for the benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will offer you a wide variety of benefits that come from investing in commercial real estate. Benefit #1 – Higher Income Potential Than Other Investment Options Let’s face it, in today’s…

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