Fire Season 2019 – Tips For Preventing Wild Fires

From September through November, fire season in California is in full swing and when a wildfire hits it’s not uncommon for a home to catch fire and go up in flames fast. If you own rental properties in the Central Valley, now is the right time to take action and do everything you can do…

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How To FireProof Your Rental Property

The Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest near in California

There’s no doubt that fire season is officially here but the good news is that every homeowner and landlord in the Central Valley can protect their property from fire by following these tips. 1. Prооf уоur rооf Embers frоm nearby wildfires often lаnd оn rооfѕ, where thеу саn ignite a blaze thаt ԛuісklу еnvеlорѕ thе…

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Fire Safety Tips For Your Rental Property

Simple tips for improving energy efficiency at your rental property

Fire safety is more important than ever before for landlords in California because one ember from a nearby fire can catch a house on fire quickly and can burn the whole house down in a short time. Thankfully, you can ensure that your rentals remain safe during fire season by following these simple tips: 1.…

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