Why Buying Cheap Homes Won’t Make You Money


New real estate investors often get infatuated with the idea of the passive cash flow that real estate can bring in. So it’s not surprising when you see many new investors throw caution to the wind to chase cash flow and end up buying super cheap homes (in oftentimes questionable areas) thinking they will reach…

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What does landlord insurance cover?

late notice

Are you thinking investing in a Central Valley rental property? If so, you’re going to need landlord insurance. If you’re not aware of what landlord insurance covers, this article will provide you with information on what landlord insurance is and how it benefits you as a landlord. What Does Landlord Insurance Cover? Landlord insurance is…

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Tips For Reducing Vacancies FAST


There’s nothing worse than having a vacancy as a landlord because this means one thing, you’re going to have to cover your mortgage and expenses for the property during the month that your rental sits vacant. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever before to end vacancies fast, especially if you follow these tips. Tip #1 –…

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