Will Airbnb Survive Or Fold Following 2020?

2020 will be remembered for Coronavirus, COVID-19 and the lock down but will it be remembered as the final year of Airbnb? There’s no denying that short term rentals enjoyed a long run of profitability thanks to the Bull Market which lasted for 10 years and Airbnb was able to ride that wave of growth…

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How Long Will It Take Airbnb In the Central Valley to Recover?

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With the lockdown continuing across the State of California, short-term bookings have dried-up and Airbnb investors want to know if the Central Valley Airbnb rental market is going to recover? The answer to this question is yes but, the short term rental market in the Central Valley may not recover for another 120 days or…

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Tourism not permitted: New rules for Airbnb, short-term rental hosts during pandemic

Short-term accommodation hosts, like those on Airbnb, can only offer their listings to people in need of housing during this pandemic, Ontario’s Solicitor General says. When the province amended the list of essential businesses allowed to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic on April 3, that stipulation for short-term accommodations was added. It will likely come…

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Airbnb Vs. Long Term Rental – Which One Is Better?

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These days it’s now hard to know someone who owns an Airbnb or two because they are so popular but if you’re an investor the big questions that you should have is if you should invest in an Airbnb or long-term rental instead? What Are the Cons of Owning Airbnb Rentals? Sure, you’re intrigued about…

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