How to Add Value to Your Multi-Family Buildings In 2023


If you own one or more Multi-Family buildings one of the best things you can do before the end of the year is to add value to your properties. In this post we will share with you several tips you can use to add value to your multi-family properties. Tip #1 – Make Your Multi-Family…

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Landlords guide to dealing with tenant problems

tenant retention tips

It’s no secret that being a landlord isn’t always easy. It comes with its fair share of challenges and problems. From late rent payments to property damage, there are a variety of tenant issues that landlords must deal with. But with the right tips and strategies, these problems can be managed effectively. This guide is…

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Tips for choosing a Central Valley property management company

central valley property manager

Are you looking for a Central Valley property management company? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding the perfect property manager in Central Valley. We’ll discuss what to look for in a Central Valley property management company, how to find the…

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3 Signs That Your Cash Flow Isn’t Really Passive

property manager

The number one goal with every Real Estate investor is to have cash flow from their Central Valley Rental Property but the reality is that most investors are busier than they should be and their cash flow isn’t really passive. Here are two signs that you aren’t earning passive income from your rental property. You’re…

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How to Find the Best Tenant for Your Rental Property


If you’re a real estate investor, you know that the key to success is finding great a tenant who will pay rent on time and take care of your properties. Finding the right tenants can be difficult, especially if you are working with a limited pool of candidates. However, there are a variety of tenant…

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Tips for winter proofing your rental property

rental property

You know the saying — third time’s the charm. Fortunately, that adage also applies to rental property ownership. Most landlords invest in real estate once or twice before they gain enough experience to be successful. However, the stress and challenges of being a landlord continue to get tougher each time. If you’re thinking about investing…

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Tips For Dealing With Terrible Tenants


Problematic tenants are something that every landlord has to deal with sooner, rather than later. Thankfully, dealing with problem tenants doesn’t have to be a major hassle, especially if you follow these tips. Tip #1 – Be Rational And Calm The first thing to do when communicating with a problem tenant is to be rational…

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Things To Consider Before Becoming A Landlord


Before you dive into the process of becoming a landlord, it’s important to know what your rights and responsibilities are as a landlord. The relationship between a landlord and tenant can be complex, and both parties have rights and obligations that must be followed. Your rights as a landlord include the ability to set a…

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Things to do to protect your investments during a recession


The recession is officially here and for owners in the Central Valley, and across the United States, that means changes are coming but thankfully owners can protect their investments by going the following: 1. Keep Low to Moderate Debt Levels  It probably goes without saying that those with no or moderate debt will be less…

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