How to Win the War against Rental Property Wear And Tear

You’ve worked hard to invest in your first rental property in the Central Valley but it’s important for you to know that wear and tear can kill your return on investment from that property. Thankfully, you can win the war against wear and tear at your rental property when you follow these tips. Tip 1-…

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Why you should always check a tenants rental history

tenant screening

Tenant screening is one of the keys to success with owning rental properties because the quality of your screening is what will make the difference between renting to a quality tenant, or someone who will potentially cause trouble for you. Thankfully, you can ensure that you’re going to rent to a quality tenant, especially when…

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Should You Provide A Fire Extinguisher At Your Rental Property?

Fire extinguishers are an important tool that every rental property should have in this day and age, sadly most don’t because owners often assume that tenants will buy them. If you’re on the fence about providing a fire extinguisher at your property, here are some reasons why you should add one ASAP. Reason #1 –…

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Tips For Accidental Landlords

accidental landlord

Every year, more and more people find themselves of being in the position of being an accidental landlord. This means that they inherited a property from a parent or family member, and in most cases, they were completely unprepared to manage it. Thankfully, being an accidental landlord doesn’t have to be a difficult experience, especially…

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Is your rental property insured?

rental property

Owning a rental property is a great way to buld wealth and enjoy passive income but if that property is not insured, you can loose everything from a fire, flood or natural disaster. Having insurance is important because it’s going to protect your best interest and insure that your best interests are protected. Which Type…

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Tips for limiting conflicts and disputes


Experiencing conflicts and disputes is something that landlords must expect when they own rental properties but the good news is that landlords can know how to handle these situations by following these tips. CREATE AND ENFORCE A STRONG LEASE AGREEMENT  Any time there’s a problem that has no solutions or several different solutions, you need…

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Property Management Tips – How To Spot Fake Paycheck Stubs

paycheck stubs

During the process of tenant screening every landlord will at one point request paycheck stubs from a prospective tenant and the reality is that at some point an applicant may try to submit fake paycheck stubs. Thankfully, landlords can easily know how to spot fake paycheck stubs by following the tips in this article. How…

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