How To Show Your Property As A Long Distance Landlord


Years ago, when a landlord owned a property that was located out of state, they typically kept the key to the property hidden under the doormat, or some other remote part of the property, so that they could tell tenants how to get into the property if they had to show the property remotely. Times…

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How To Get Steady Cash Flow From Your Remote Rental Property

rental properties

Do you own a rental property in the Central Valley but, you live in San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County or other parts of the United States? Even though you owned a remote rental property, the good news is that it’s still easy earn steady cash flow from that property, especially if you follow these…

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Decorating Tips For The Holidays

Are you planning on decorating your rental home for the holidays? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Now is typically the time of year when most people decorate their rental homes for the holidays because, they want their homes to look festive, especially when they have people show up for holiday parties. If…

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California Lawmakers Call For Massive Rent Relief Bill

Modesto CA property manager

The best hope for swift pandemic aid to struggling California tenants and landlords might come from Georgia. State lawmakers from California and three other western states this week are urging their congressional delegations to step up with $100 billion for rent relief —  an achievable goal, they believe, if Democrats win two seats in U.S.…

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Secrets To Profitable And Successful Landlords

Stockton California Real Estate Investing

Are you planning on investing in a Central Valley rental property in 2021 for the first time? If so, you’re making a smart choice. Rental properties continue to be an excellent way to build wealth and establish cash flow. In this article we will share with you several tips from profitable and successful landlords that…

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