What Should You Look for When Shopping for Rental Properties?

Planning On Selling Your Central Valley Home? Why Not Rent It Out Instead?

Are you planning on adding more rental properties to your portfolio in 2019? If so, there are several things you should be on the lookout for because if you know how to spot what another investor may classify as a “problem”, you could turn that problem into an opportunity. Strange Smells The first thing that…

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Is Demand for Rentals Going to Rise In 2019? Yes!

Rental Homes

One of the biggest questions that investors, landlords, and renters across the country have right now is if demand for rental properties is going to rise in 2019 and the answer to this question is yes demand for rentals is expected to rise next year. Why Is Demand for Rentals Going to Rise? There are…

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How to Increase the Rent and Value of Your Rental Property

Are You Using the Right Screening Tools to Find Tenants?

Two common questions that investors have asked us over the years is “how do I increase the rent and value of my rental property?”. These are very common questions to ask because investors want to get more cash flow from their properties while ensuring that the value of their investments increase at the same time.…

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What Are The Most Common Problems With Owning Rentals?

Benefits of Using a Turlock Property Management Company

Thinking about investing in rental properties? Like most investors you probably are concerned about encountering problems or issues with your rentals that you might not know how to resolve at first. Thankfully, in this article we will list for you the most common problems with rental properties and solutions for dealing with them. Tenants Not…

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Top 10 Features Of A Profitable Rental Property


Planning on investing in a rental property? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are planning on investing in rental properties either for the first or second time and the reality is that when it comes to real estate investing you have to know what makes a profitable rental property. What Makes A Profitable Rental…

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