How To Reduce Wear And Tear On Carpeting At Your Rental Property

rental property

With the average cost to replace carpeting in a 3-bedroom rental property ranging from $1600 to $2500, it’s understandable that landlords want to do everything they can to make their carpeting last.

Thankfully, landlords can maintain the value of their investment a lot longer than they expected by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Install A Hard Surface At Every Entry Point

One important thing to do when installing carpeting in a rental property is to always install a hard surface at every entry point.

Following this simple tip will encourage tenants, and their guests, to wipe their feet before entering the property and this will reduce the spread of dirt on the carpeting.

Tip #2 – Get The Carpet Cleaned Annually

Rental property carpeting should be professionally cleaned annually to help preserve your investment in your rental property and eliminate smells, stains, and other hard-to-remove dirt from the carpeting.

Tip #3 – Buy A New Vacuum Cleaner For Your Tenants

Last of all, but most important, you should also invest in a new vacuum cleaner for your tenants because some tenants may not own vacuum cleaners and this will give them the right tool to keep that carpeting clean.

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