How much is rent relief helping Californians?

When Blanca Esthela Trejo, 46, lies down to sleep, what feels like shards of glass stab her back and cut into her lungs — a lingering effect of COVID-19. “I’d like to be crouched down, hunched over all the time, because the pain is too much,” she said. But Trejo is foregoing medical treatment because…

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California rental assistance program extended thru June

With the California Senate’s signing of SB91, protections for renters and landlords will be extended through at least June of this year. SB91 was signed into law on January 29 and it extends evection protections for tenants who have been impacted by COVID-19 that were established in the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Primary to the…

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California Lawmakers Call For Massive Rent Relief Bill

The best hope for swift pandemic aid to struggling California tenants and landlords might come from Georgia. State lawmakers from California and three other western states this week are urging their congressional delegations to step up with $100 billion for rent relief —  an achievable goal, they believe, if Democrats win two seats in U.S.…

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AB 2406 – California Rental Registry Bill Is Defeated

Are Multi-Family Rental Properties Better Than Single Family Rentals?

California landlords received good news last week when the California Apartment Association (CAA) revealed that they were successful in defeating AB 2406, stopping it from becoming law. If passed, this bill would have set the wheels in motion to create a statewide rental registry, and worse yet, it would also have targeted landlords who received…

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State-Level Rent Relief Update

Central Valley Property Manager

As state and local governments act to address the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, relief for renters impacted by the coronavirus has come from both state and local policymakers.  In previous posts, we covered San Francisco’s and San Diego’s efforts to temporarily ban evicting residential and commercial tenants impacted by COVID-19.  In this post, we explain…

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