Do Your Renters Have Active Renters Insurance Policies?

At RPM Central Valley, one of the most important things that we encourage landlords to do every single year is to check in with their tenants to make sure that they have active renter’s insurance policies.

Renters insurance is important because, it protects the tenant’s possessions if there’s a flood, fire, or “Act of God” that strikes their rental property. Renter’s insurance will also protect the tenant from liability claims if one of their guests happens to be injured while they’re in the tenant’s rental property.

Should Be Checked Annually

It doesn’t matter if you have a tenant who’s been renting from you for years, or months, you should always check with each of your tenants annually to verify that they have an active renter’s insurance policy.

Why? The answer is simple, many tenants, especially those people who want to save money every month, will cancel the renter’s insurance policies shortly after they move into their rental properties, to save money, instead of continuing to pay that premium every month.

Verifying that your tenant has an active renters insurance policy will enable you to confirm that they have a renters insurance policy to protect their items while at the same time ensuring that they are protected from liability claims as well.

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