5 Things DIY Landlords End Up Hating About Land lording

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Do you’ve decided to make the decision to become a DIY landlord because you want to do everything yourself? Although this is a noble position to take, the reality is that most DIY property management landlords end up hating the process of being a landlord but they become “stuck” with the desire to save money and end up continuing landlording anyway.

If you’re thinking about becoming a DIY landlord, here are 5 things that most DIY landlords end up hating about landlording.

#1 – Lies

When asked about the top thing that they hate about being a DIY landlord, the number one answer was being lied to by their tenants.

Typical lies from tenants can encompass anything from why they haven’t paid their rent to why they are breaking their leases by having a pet.

#2 – Not Taking Time for A “Mental Break”

Although the typical DIY landlord may feel like they have their business all under control, the reality is that they never have time to take a “mental break” because even if their business is doing great, they are always thinking about the land-lording side of their business.

#3 – Being The “Bad Guy”

Another common thing that the average DIY landlord doesn’t love is being the “Bad Guy”. This includes having to evict tenants, raise rents or enforce leases when they spot tenants who have committed lease infractions.

#4 – Eviction Aftermath

Evictions are not fun for DIY landlords because they can be extensive in California since some tenants here may use the law to their advantage. What can be even worse than an eviction is the “aftermath” of the eviction when a tenant leaves their stuff in the unit and it has to be cleared out.

#5 – Lease Enforcement

Last of all, one of the top things that most DIY landlords really hate doing is lease enforcement or Baby Sitting. This means making sure that tenants are not doing things like being irresponsible with their trash, keeping up lawn maintenance and doing their part to care for the rental property.

What’s the Solution to The Problem?

The obvious solution to the problems mentioned in this article is for a DIY landlord to hire a property management company. At RPM Central Valley, we have decades of combined property management experience and can save you the hassle of managing your investment property yourself.

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