California Rent Control Update

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What’s Happened After The November 2018 Election?

The November 2018 election was supposed to be the beginning of rent control in California but proposition 10, the bill which would end Costa Hawkins, quickly died at the polls.

Since last November, politicians in California have been busy creating a flurry of other rent control bills that the Governor has promised to sign if they reach his desk.

In 2019 the fight for rent control has only grown stronger after the state approved it’s own rent control bill that the governor signed.

Oregon’s law caps rent increases at 7 percent plus the annual change in the Consumer Price Index. This year’s rate stands at 10.3 percent, according to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, though units have a 15-year window from when they are built before they’re governed by that cap.

“Even a 10-percent increase every year can be devastating for most people.”

Washington Rep. Nicole Macri
Oregon also introduced restrictions on no-cause evictions for many tenants, and mandates that landlords can be liable to pay out one month’s rent to a tenant should they evict them, under certain conditions.

Amendments to Assembly Bill 1482 in California would cap rent increases at a yet-to-be determined percentage per rental term. The rate is meant to reflect rental market increases and cost of living changes. The proposal also would ban landlords from serving evictions so they can raise rents higher than the cap.

Source – Statesman Journal

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