Tips for Keeping Porches, Balconies and Patios Clutter Free This Summer

Tips for Keeping Porches, Balconies and Patios Clutter Free This Summer

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With summer time comes more accessories and regardless if you own a condo, town home, apartment or single family home that rental property can become cluttered but, clutter doesn’t have to be a problem if you approach the problem of clutter with your tenants and establish rules for how those outdoor spaces should be used during the warmer months.

Establish Restrictions for Outdoor Spaces and Follow Them

Regardless if it’s a patio, balcony, deck or small space, you should establish restrictions for outdoor spaces and make sure that your tenants sign a notification of those restrictions when they move in so that if problems arise with your tenants down the road due to clutter on a patio or other are outside they can’t claim they weren’t aware of the restrictions.

Your restrictions should be very clear about what they are allowed to have on their outdoors area so that they know they are allowed to have only one grill, chair, bench or table instead of piling up all of their children’s summer toys and accessories.

Contact a Neighborhood Storage Facility and Arrange a Storage Deal

Another helpful thing you can do to insure that your tenants follow your restrictions regarding outdoor areas is to contact a local neighborhood storage facility and negotiate a deal with them so that your tenant can use the storage facility for a discounted rate if needed.

Enforce the Rules

When it comes to rules it doesn’t matter that rules exist if they are not enforced so you should always enforce the rules regarding what your tenants are allowed to have, or not have on their patios, balconies, porches or other outdoor spaces because, enforcement of those rules will also mean that your tenants will be more likely to respect the other areas of your rental home and not become problem tenants.

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