Central Valley Rental Property – What to Do When Your Tenant Moves Out

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What should you do when your tenant moves out of your Central Valley Rental Property? In California a landlord faces a variety of responsibilities that all must be followed in accordance with the law because most tenants here are savvy when it comes to the landlords responsibilities and will expect them to do the same things that their previous landlords may have done that’s why in this article we will cover some of the things you must do when your tenant moves out of your rental property. 

Pre-Move out Inspection

Before your tenant moves out one of the most important things you should do is schedule a pre-move out inspection (with a 48-hour advance notice) so that the tenant can either be there for the inspection or not.

This inspection will give you, or your agent, the opportunity to fully inspect the rental property and once it’s completed you can give your tenant an itemized list of what should be cleaned or repaired in the rental property.

Security Deposit Return

If your tenant decides not to repair any of the damages that they may have done to your Central Valley Rental Property then you are lawfully allowed to use their security deposit for making repairs.

After those repairs are made you will then send the remaining security deposit to your former tenant within 21 days after they move out and an itemized list of repairs or cleaning that was done in the rental property after the tenant moved out.

Central Valley Rental Property

Getting Your Central Valley Rental Property Ready for Your Next Tenant

Once your Central Valley Property has been cleaned and repaired after your former tenant has moved out now comes the fun part of getting the rental property ready for your next tenant.

Remember that your single family home, condo, town home or apartment in Central Valley doesn’t have to be cleaned with military, white glove precision but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to make sure that your rental is clean and ready for the new tenant because starting off your relationship right with a new tenant is the key to success when it comes to enjoying long-term profits from your rental property.

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