Things to do at your rental property this fall

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If you own rental properties in Stockton, Modesto, or elsewhere in California, you know that fall is an excellent time to get your rental property ready for winter.

Thanks to warm weather, and cool nights, you can easily do any project indoors or outdoors without having to deal with inclement weather like you normally would during this time of year at other parts of the country.

In this article, we will provide you with several tips for things that you should do at your rental property this fall.

Property clean up

The first thing that you should do at your rental property this fall is to get the exterior of your property cleaned up. This means that you should focus on removing trash or debris which may have been left over from the previous tenant, improving the landscaping by planting new flowers, plants, or trees, and power washing the driveway & walkway in front of your house.

Besides doing a general property clean-up, you should also focus on repainting the exterior of your property as well because, if it needs paint, a new paint job will help to boost the value of your property while also helping it look more appealing to the next tenant who lives there.

Make improvements inside your rental property

After taking the time to make improvements outside your property, now is the time to focus on improving the inside of it.

The first thing that you should do is focus on painting all the rooms inside your rental property. Make sure that you use high-quality latex interior paint because a fresh coat of the right type of paint will help the interior of your property to look clean and appealing to prospective tenants.

Once you repaint the inside of your property, you should lose focus on refinishing cabinets as well. This will breathe new life into existing cabinets while also saving you their time in the money of having to replace those cabinets yourself.

Besides refinishing cabinetry, you should also focus on replacing cabinet and drawer hardware. This is a simple fix that can dramatically improve the look of any kitchen or bathroom while also saving you thousands of dollars in renovation costs.

During the process of improving cabinetry, focus on finding other ways to add personalization to your rental property like adding a simple backsplash to your kitchen, or a feature wall somewhere in your home.

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