What will the rental market look like in 2021?


If you owned rental properties in Stockton, Modesto, or elsewhere in the Central Valley area, you may be wondering what the rental market is going to look like in 2021.

This is an excellent question to ask because it’s been a tough year for the rental market, especially for landlords.

Some landlords have at least one tenant that is benefiting from the eviction moratorium and hasn’t paid rent in months.

With the ongoing stress of having to pay rent, and cover the expenses to a property with a non-paying tenant, this is causing landlords across the Central Valley, and California as a hole, to wonder what the rental market is going to look like in the coming year.

Forecasting ahead

Even though we don’t have a crystal ball, the reality is that anybody who studies the rental market knows that 2021 will be a year for change, especially when the eviction moratorium ends.

Once the eviction moratorium is removed from the picture, landlords will be faced with finally being able to evict tenants that have not been able to pay rent for up to six months or longer.

Sadly, evictions may lead to an eviction crisis the likes of which California has never seen before but, this eviction crisis could be avoided if state or federal lawmakers can create some form of legislation to stop evictions but the legislation must be favorable to both landlords and tenants.

2021 will be a year for having a property manager

If you’re currently managing a rental property yourself, or you’re thinking about investing in rental properties for the first time, 2021 will be a year that you want to have a property manager.

Having a property manager on your side will give you confidence that your rental property is being professionally managed so you can focus on enjoying your life and growing your portfolio of investment properties.

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