Do All Of Your Rental Properties Have Working Smoke Detectors?

Do All Of Your Rental Properties Have Working Smoke Detectors?

Every year smoke detectors save thousands of lives because they literally are the first line of defense at ensuring people get safely out of homes when fires occur.

Sadly, many smoke detectors in the United States are not working because, the homeowner or renter has failed to change the battery in the smoke detector. Thankfully, when the battery is changed every six months, the tenant of the rental property can sleep easy at night knowing that the smoke alarm will alert them if a fire occurs at their rental property.

Where to Install A Smoke Detector In Your Rental Property

You should install smoke alarms in every room, hallways, bathrooms and every level of your home because you don’t know where a fire will occur and it could be too late if one or more of your tenants wasn’t alerted about the fire in time.

Besides installing smoke alarms in every room of your rental home you should also change batteries every 90 days and make a commitment to replace smoke alarms every 10 years because their technology is constantly improving.

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