Does Your Stockton Rental Home Have A Working Smoke Detector?

Does Your Stockton Rental Home Have A Working Smoke Detector?

STOCKTON – You’ve worked hard over the years to build your portfolio of Stockton Rental Homes but as your portfolio grows it’s getting more difficult for you to keep track of the smoke detectors in each property to confirm that they are working or not.

This is a dangerous situation to find yourself in because, if a tenant falls asleep with a lit cigarette somewhere in your Stockton Rental Home or there’s an electrical problem which causes a spark, you could very well lose your rental property in minutes after you worked hard to purchase it.

Smoke Alarms Really Do Save Lives

One thing that most people don’t think about with smoke alarms is that they really do save lives and the average smoke alarm will cut the chance in half of one or more of your tenants dying in your Stockton Rental home.

Where to Install Smoke Alarms In Your Stockton Rental Home

You should install smoke alarms in every room, hallways, bathrooms and every level of your home because you don’t know where a fire will occur and it could be too late if one or more of your tenants wasn’t alerted about the fire in time.

Besides installing smoke alarms in every room of your Stockton Rental Home you should also change batteries every 90 days and make a commitment to replace smoke alarms every 10 years because their technology is constantly improving.

Get Property Management

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