Should You Allow Your Tenants To Have Pets In 2020?

Are you thinking about allowing your tenants to have pets in their rental properties but, you don’t know if this the right decision to make or not? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Even though you may have said no, to your tenants having pets in the past, the reality is that 2020 has been a year of change and more landlords are allowing their tenants to have pets than ever before because pets have been essential at helping tenants deal with social distancing and isolation during Coronavirus.

Some of the other reasons why you should consider allowing your tenants to have pets include the following:

#1 – Larger Pool Of Tenants

Thanks to recent data, we know that more families in the United States have at least one pet so instead of saying no to pets in your rental property, you should consider allowing pets because this will open up your rental property to a wire pool of tenants that are searching for rental properties.

#2 – Most Pet Owners Are Responsible With Their Pets

Another reason why you should consider allowing pets to live in your rental property is that most pet owners are responsible and have taken the time to thoroughly train their pets to either use a litter box or go potty outside.

Besides training pets on where they should poop or pee, the average pet owner has also trained their pet how to behave indoors so you can have confidence that a pet is not going to potentially destroy the rental property while the back-tenant lives there.

#3 – Pet Rent

Last of all, but most important, another great reason to allow pets to live in your Central Valley rental property is pet rent.

With pet rent, you can easily charge a deposit of $200 and then a pet rent of 25 to $50 per month.

Charging a pet rent will effectively enable you to earn more revenue from your rental property while also protecting your best interest should that pet incur any damages on the property.

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