Will AB 1482 Protect Tenants Who Live In Recently Built ADU’s Or Granny Flats?

California’s new rental Protection Law, AB 1482, is officially in effect and it’s protecting renters Statewide from things like unfair evictions and rent increases.

Even though AB 1482 is now law, one question that many renters have is if AB 1482 also protects renters to live in accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) or granny Flats? The answer to this question is no.

Granny Flat Exemption

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen more granny Flats built across California in recent years because, these buildings are often 500 square feet, or smaller, and can be built on any small patch of property statewide, including in the backyards of homes across California.

Sadly, because most of the ADU’s and Granny Flats across California were built within the last 10 years, these dwellings will be considered to be exempt under AB 1482. By being exempt this also means that landlords have the ability to raise the rent on their tenants whenever they want and possibly evict them as well.

AB 1482 Is Poised To Help Some Tenants

Even though most landlords will not excessively raise the rent on their tenants, or evict them, the reality is that AB 1482 does offer tenants some protections across the state and it also eliminates the fear in their minds that they could eventually be evicted or have their rent raised for any reason.

With more tenants across California living in ADU’s, granny flats and also tiny homes, it’s likely that State Legislature will amend AB 1482 in the near future and protect those scores of tenants Statewide who are now living in granny flats and other small backyard rental properties Statewide.

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