Which Wall Colors Are Better For Your Rental Property?

Which Wall Colors Are Better For Your Rental Property?

Should you paint the walls of your rental property white or a vibrant color? This is an important question to ask because the wall colors inside your rental will affect your tenants first impressions of your property so you want to choose the best wall colors possible.

Which Colors Should You Use?

Consider using red, orange, yellow or green for the walls of your Rental Property, versus sticking with the traditional off white or gloss white.

Create a Feature Wall in Each Room

If you’re not in the mood to paint the walls of your Property different colors, try creating a feature wall in each room where one wall is painted a bright, vibrant color.

A feature wall will bring more light to the room and save you the time and money of having to paint each room a different color.

Confused About Colors? Try Doing Some Local Research

Sometimes it might seem a little difficult choosing colors for the walls of your Rental Property.

When you’ve “hit a wall”, and can’t choose colors, try doing some local research by seeing which colors are used in the local area.

What colors are local businesses and others using? If you see the same colors used on more than one building then this is a clue for the colors you might want to consider as well for your Rental Property.

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