Are you making energy saving upgrades to your rental properties?

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2017 is almost over. Have you made any upgrades to your rental properties this year? If no, you should consider investing in energy saving upgrades for your rentals because, this will help your tenants to save money each money on energy costs while increasing the value of your rental properties.

About Energy Saving Upgrades

The great thing about energy saving upgrades is that they no longer are as expensive as they were in the past because, technology is getting cheaper and what once cost a few thousand dollars now costs so few hundred dollars or less especially when you take advantage of energy saving rebates. 

Energy Savings Rebates are demand response programs or incentives which the Federal Government and private companies use each year to encourage consumers to cut their energy costs by upgrading the appliances and systems in their homes.

Not only can upgrading the appliances in your Rental Property make your rental more energy efficient upgrading them will also draw the attention of more rentals who are searching for properties that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

What Companies Are Offering Rebates?

Most major companies across the United States are offering Energy Savings Rebates and some of the companies you might recognize include:

EnergyStar – This company offers a wide variety of discounts, buy downs, mail-in rebates and low interest loans for you to choose from. Their products typically include: cooling systems, electronics, heating, fixtures and lighting.

Water Sense – Any product with the Water Sense label is a great one to choose because you can save big money by making some badly needed upgrades to your home especially if you need to upgrade your shower heads, irrigation systems or other irrigation controllers or accessories.

Home Depot & Lowes – If you head out shopping for new Energy Saving appliances you should visit either of these stores because they both frequently saving products which are certified energy saving products and best of all both Lowes and Home Depot have plenty of instore rebates to offer you as well.

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