Tiny Houses – Are They Here To Stay?

Tiny Houses - Are They Here To Stay?

If you’ve been following the tiny houses movement across the United States you know that these homes are often homes that can range in size from 150 to 500 square feet and many tiny homes can be pulled on trailers to locations anywhere in the USA.

The BIG question is are tiny houses a passing trend or are they here to stay and should you consider adding one to your portfolio of rental properties?

Who Lives in Tiny Homes?

Tiny house enthusiasts are a more diverse group than you might think. There seem to be three main populations embracing the trend:

  1. Many younger people want to own their own homes, but are unable or unwilling to purchase one through conventional means. Many are unable to save up for a down payment due to student debt and high rent costs. Others are unwilling to commit to a permanent residence and a 30-year mortgage. Still others can’t find entry-level housing in the areas where they want to live—namely, near vibrant urban centers.
  1. A large portion of older people are beginning to think about downsizing now that their kids have moved out and they’re looking to retire. Many can no longer justify the expense or upkeep involved in a larger home, and they want the free time and discretionary income to enjoy their golden years. Families are also turning to tiny homes to make room for aging relatives.
  1. Across all age groups, many people feel compelled to live a more self-sufficient, stripped-down, environmentally conscious existence.

What’s the Appeal of Tiny Homes?

Long-term residents of tiny homes enjoy customizing a home that perfectly suits their needs and reflects their values. They want to live a simpler, more intentional existence, spending their income on life experiences rather than mortgage payments. They report that shedding unnecessary belongings leaves their homes and their minds feeling less cluttered. They relish the flexibility of their lifestyle, which allows them to travel at will and reallocate time spent on housework to other pursuits. In addition, they feel that living debt-free allows them to better enjoy their lives. They take great pride in their self-sufficiency, as well as the sustainability of their spaces. Lastly, they enjoy the camaraderie of sharing advice and stories with the growing tiny house community.

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