Three Improvements You Should Make to Your Rental Property In 2018

Three Improvements You Should Make to Your Rental Property In 2018


By RPM Central Valley

Are you searching for information on which repairs you should make to your rental property in 2018? If so, in this article we will list the best repairs you can make to your rental that will also generate the most ROI.


The kitchen can be considered to be the “hub” of the home and a place for more than just eating.

During the process of renovating your kitchen your goal should be to update your kitchen by adding the following:

  • New appliances – Make sure you choose matching appliances!
  • Large capacity dishwasher.
  • More seating.
  • Improved lighting.

Another important thing you should consider adding to your kitchen are USB outlets since most people often listen to or use their USB devices when cooking, and this will encourage your renters to spend time in the kitchen while making it more functional, especially for studying.


Even though bathtub / shower combinations are still in use for the average Modesto California Rental Property, most renters today are searching for more than just a bathroom, they want a bathroom which has a “spa like” quality which gives them the ability to relax after the end of a long day.

Consider renovating your bathroom by removing the shower / tub combination and replacing with a smaller shower and separate soaking tub.

You should also replace the counter top in your bathroom with a granite or quartz counter top and also replace the flooring as well.

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