Should You Consider Month to Month Leases?

Should You Handle Your Tenants Funds?

By RPM Central Valley

If you ask any landlord they will tell you that their #1 goal is to keep their properties occupied and avoid unexpected vacancies.

During the process of keeping their properties rented some landlords may be tempted to offer their tenants month-to-month leases.

Are month-to-month leases something that you should consider offering to your tenants? In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with reasons to consider this type of lease and reasons to not consider them.

Reasons to Consider Month-To-Month Leases

  • Flexibility – The first obvious reason for considering a month-to-month lease is flexibility. With this type of lease, you have the ability to easily transition to a long-term tenant while your short-term tenant moves on to their next property so it’s a win-win for both parties.
  • You set the lease term – Another great reason to consider month-to-month leases is you can set the term of the lease for the months that work best for you. Do you need a lease that’s 6 months or 9 months? You’re in control and don’t have to default to a 1-year lease like you have in the past.

Reasons to Say No to Month-To-Month Leases

Instability – Sadly, some month-to-month tenants may be more unstable than the next and be less inclined to show the same love and care for the rental property that a short-term tenant may show.

This also means that you could face higher repair and maintenance costs after the month-to-month tenant has moved on so, in the end, it may be more beneficial for you to consider long-term versus short-term leases.

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