Should You Do Repairs On Your Rental Property?


Landlords are responsible for making repairs to their rental properties, especially in California, but does that mean that you should make those repairs yourself?

Although you may be used to making repairs at your rental properties over the years the reality is that this is not a smart thing to continue doing. Why? The answer is simple. If you continue self-managing your rental properties yourself you’re spending more time on maintenance when you should be focusing on growing your portfolio of rental properties after hiring a property manager.

Save Time And Money With Property Management

When you hire a property management company like RPM Central Valley, you will automatically start saving time and money each month. How? Instead of spending your hard earned time on routine maintenance tasks at your rental property, rent collection or customer service, you can count on us to manage those tasks for you.

Grow Your Portfolio Of Rental Properties

By treating your investment properties as a real business you will finally have time to grow your portfolio of rental properties and make more money.

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