For Rent in Stockton California – 3 Tips For Keeping Your Rental Property Safe

By RPM Central Valley

Over the years you’ve worked and saved to build a portfolio of rental properties, but if you rent to one bad tenant who is searching for a property for rent in Stockton California you can lose money very quickly and hurt your financial stability.

In today’s post we will cover 3 tips for keeping your rental property safe.

Tip 1 – Schedule Regular Inspections of Each Rental Property

One of the easiest ways to insure that your homes, condos, townhomes or single family homes for rent in Stockton California are being maintained by your tenants is to schedule frequent inspections of those properties at least every 6 months or once a year.

Tip 2 – Find out Who Is Really Coming and Going from Each Rental Property

Although it’s easy to rent to tenants, the real work comes after one to three months when you should check back with your tenants to find out who is really living in your rental properties. You can do this by driving by each property at least once every 3 months to see who is coming and going.

Tip 3 – Specify How Long Visitors Can Stay

During your years renting your homes, condos, apartments and other properties for rent in Stockton California you may have found that some tenants invite their friends and family members to stay with them for long periods of time. You should specify how long tenants can stay and require anyone who is staying for longer than your required “visitation period” to be added to the tenants lease.

For Rent in Stockton California

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