For Rent in Stockton – 9 Questions to Ask a Prospective Tenant

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Are you plan on listing your single family home, condo, town home or apartment For Rent in Stockton? If so, one of the more important things you’re going to do is interview prospective tenants and although this is a vital part of renting a property many owners dread tenant interviews because they don’t know what to ask the tenant or they’ve asked the wrong questions in the past.

In this article, we will share with you 9 questions you should consider asking a prospective tenant before you decide to rent to them.

Question #1 – Why are you moving? This will tell you a lot about what’s motivating the tenant to move into a new rental property.

Question #2 – If Chosen, When Do You Plan On Moving In?

Question #3 – What Is Your Monthly Income?

Question #4 – Will You Be Able to Pay the Security Deposit with the First Month’s Rent When You Move In?

Question #5 – How Many People Will Be Living With You?

Question #6 – Can You Provide Accurate References?

Question #7 – Will You Agree To a Credit Check?

Question #8 – Have You Been Evicted In the Past?

Question #9 – Do You Have Any Pets?

For Rent In Stockton

Here Are the Questions You Can’t Ask Prospective Tenants

Although you’re eager to list your property For Rent in Stockton, and attract the right tenants, the reality is that there are some questions that you should not ask prospective tenants including the following:

  • What is your nation of origin?
  • Do you have any disabilities?
  • Are there any children in your family?
  • What is your religion?

Asking these questions can get you in BIG trouble with HUD so it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

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