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remote workers

One of the biggest things that Covid-19 has changed is how we go to work because working from home is more popular than ever before.

With the remote work trend increasing, property managers want to know what remote workers are looking for in rental properties.

In this article, we will provide you with a breakdown of what remote workers are looking for in today’s rental market

1. Remote Workers Want Smaller Units

Know thy audience. This lifestyle caters to people who can move around easily and have disposable income, and that’s more often than not single people or childless couples. These types do not want to pay for a large house, lawn watering costs, a big garage, etc.

They are going to be focused on studios, one- to three-bedroom condos, and small single-family homes. (I’m including up to three bedrooms because it seems couples may both want their own office, and they may have visitors while they stay at your place.)

2. Animal-Friendly

People that do not have kids but do have money usually have fur babies. I know, because I’m one of them. Her name is Monday, she is a Wheaten Terrier, a diva, and Mommy’s Special Girl. She would be a major consideration for me if I were going to travel for a month somewhere, and knowing she would be welcomed would elevate a potential rental for me.

Don’t overthink this one: You don’t have to have a doggy door or a yard or eight different leashes, you just need a lease that allows for pets.

3. Good Wifi

This one is pretty basic. Save yourself some headaches and pay for the really good wifi. This will help you avoid calls and tension between you and your tenant during their stay. Also, if you are catering to this crowd, it makes total sense they consider this a must.


4. Parking

Turns out a lot of remote workers bring cars and need parking. One parking spot is all you need. If you live in a city and have two spots, I’d recommend renting out the second spot to a different party—I just don’t think most remote workers will need more than one spot.

5. Office “Stuff”

This is something that I personally believe will photograph well and make your rental listing more attractive. It can be as simple as a cute shelving unit or a rolling cart, but make sure your rental has Android and iPhone chargers, a Macbook charger, Post-It notes, notebooks, pens, stapler, scissors, and a corkboard.

These are not deal-breakers, but they are perks, and as someone that has worked from home for the past four years, I can attest that you do occasionally use these things and they are nice to have on hand.

Trust me: Get to know this tenant pool. They have been a significant portion of renters for a while now and we have every reason to believe this will increase.

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