Tired of Property Maintenance? If so, It’s Time to Hire A Property Manager


Have you been managing your Central Valley investment property yourself? If so, after getting calls at night, during the weekend, on a holiday or at all hours of the night, you may be getting tired of having to perform Property maintenance or DIY Property Management yourself.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the problem, instead of having to continue managing your property yourself, you could save the time, money and hassle of DIY Property Management by hiring a property management company

What Can A Property Manager Do for You?

A property manager, will save you the time, money and hassle of managing your property yourself so that you can focus on growing your portfolio of income properties without having to actually do any work.

At RPM Central Valley, we specialize in full-service Property Management. Our property management team has over 20 years of combined experience in Property Management and can offer you the following Property Management services including: rent collection, maintenance, customer service, accounting, tenant selection, property marking and so much more.

Unlike some property management companies that have only just started in business within the last year, property management companies have been in business for years and we know the Central Valley rental market better than anyone so there’s no Better Property Management Company then RPM Central Valley.

It doesn’t matter if you own one rental property, or 12, a property manager will simplify the process of owning investment properties so that you can save the time and hassle of having to do any work yourself.

Let Us Help You Simplify Your Life

Imagine, no longer getting calls from tenants in the middle of the night, during the weekend, on holidays or at other times when you’re trying to take a break.

When your tenants have issues or problems with their rental properties, you can rely upon us to handle all of their property management needs while you are able to rest easy and have confidence that your only involvement with your investment property from this point moving forward is to wait for us to deposit the rent in your account each month.

To get started with the Property Management Services that we can offer for you, contact us today by calling (209) 572-2222 or click here to connect with us online.