How to generate passive income from rental properties

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Are you thinking about getting started with investing in rental properties? If so, one of your goals may be to earn passive income from your rental properties but like most investors, you probably don’t have a plan of action for getting started.

Thankfully, generating passive income from multifamily real estate is easy, especially when you follow these tips.

Passive Tip #1 – Buy a Central Valley Rental Property with Existing Tenants

Instead of buying rental property that’s vacant or needs repairs you should search for rental properties with existing tenants because the cash flow for those properties is already established and your money can start working for you 24-7.

Passive Tip #2 – Hire a Property Management Company

One of the big mistakes most investors make when they are buying rental property is thinking they can do everything themselves.

Don’t make this mistake! Hire a Central Valley property management company immediately because, a professional property management company can take the management responsibilities off your shoulders and make sure that you’re not doing everything yourself. 

Passive Tip #3 – Let Uncle Sam Work for You

Last of all, but most important, as you are buying rental properties in the Central Valley you should keep in mind that there’s a lot that Uncle Sam can do for you especially if you have an investment that’s equity structured because will be able to keep most of your income and have cash returns which are tax deferred.


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