Modesto Rental Property – Learn How to Patch A Wall Correctly

By: Real Property Management Central Valley

As a new owner of Modesto Rental Property you will have tenants who are going to be moving in and out of your rental unit in the future.

With move outs one thing you’re going to find from time to time is holes in the walls.

Although you may think you know how to patch holes yourself, there is a specific way to patch up holes so the patch isn’t noticeable when you first enter a room.

In this post we will share with you our wall patching tips so you can save time and money on your next DIY hole patching project.

#1 – Purchase These Tools

  • Joint Knives – Both large and small.
  • Cloth – Used for wiping away excess spackle.
  • Spackle.
  • Sander.
  • Interior paint.

#2 –Getting Started

When preparing to spackle a hole in the wall of your Modesto Rental Property make sure you take your time.

Use the large joint knife to scrape off any paint chips or debris which may be surrounding the hole in the wall.

Don’t dig into the wall, just scrape away excessive debris and try to keep the hole at its current size.

#3 – Using Spackle

During the process of using spackle, make sure you use your joint knife both ways to smooth out the spackle after you apply it to the hole in your wall.

Tip – When patching up the holes in the walls of your Modesto Rental Property make sure you work fast since spackle dries quickly.

#4 – Painting Over the Spackle

After the spackle has dried for 24 hours come back to the patched up hole then use sand paper to smooth out any excess spackle.

Next, take your interior paint to paint over the area that you spackled.

Tip – Use painters tape to tape over baseboards so paint doesn’t drip on them.

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