Landlord Tenant Law California


One of the keys to success with owning rental property is having an understanding of Landlord Tenant Law California because, we live in one of the most litigious states and every landlord or property owner here owes it to themselves to know landlord tenant law before renting out their first rental property.

What Makes A Property Not Habitable?

You just purchased your first rental property and are eager to rent it out but what makes a rental property not habitable?

▪ Damp or leaking ceiling or walls.

▪ Holes in walls, floor or carpet.

▪ Falling plaster or peeling paint.

▪ Broken or faulty heater.

▪ Missing or broken windows.

▪ Broken or faulty hot water heater.

▪ Missing or broken smoke detectors.

▪ Rats, mice, roaches, bedbugs or other vermin.

▪ Piles of trash.

▪ Unsafe stairs or railings.

▪ Faulty locks or security.

▪ Defective electrical wiring.

Source – Fresno Bee 

Learn More About Landlord Tenant Law California

At Real Property Management we can save you the legal hassle and the time of managing your Rental Properties yourself. Our company specializes in professional property management and this will enable you to focus on doing the things that you do best without having to be concerned about managing your rentals yourself or staying compliant with landlord tenant laws.

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