Does A Landlord Have to Provide A Washer and Dryer?

Does A Landlord Have to Provide A Washer and Dryer?

By RPM Central Valley

One of the most common property management questions that tenants have is if it’s the landlord’s responsibility to provide a washer/dryer or other appliances in the rental property.

Although some landlords may provide a refrigerator, dish washer, or washer/dryer, the reality is that it’s not the landlords responsibility to include appliances in the rental property thanks to the Implied Warranty of Habitability.

What Exactly Is the Implied Warranty of Habitability?

With the Implied Warranty of Habitability, a landlord is obligated to ensure that a property is in habitable condition. This means that the building meets safety codes / standards, has a working heater, functional plumbing, reliable electric system, is weather resistant and pest free.

If there are not any obvious safety issues or standards that the owner is not in compliance with then they have done their part to ensure that the rental property is ready to be occupied by tenants.

Should A Landlord Supply Appliances?

It’s true that most landlords may supply a refrigerator and dish washer in their rental properties while others may go “all out” and supply a washer and dryer as well but there are also other landlords that may not supply any appliances as well.

This leads to the question if landlords should supply appliances at a rental property. The answer to this question depends on the landlord and also the state of the rental market because, some landlords may want to supply appliances to entice more tenants.

If appliances are included with the rental property thy should be included in the lease agreement so that it’s made clear that the appliances belong to the landlord and will be maintained by the landlord should repairs need to be made.

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