Is It Time For You To FIRE Your Central Valley Property Manager?


Over the years you’ve worked hard to build your portfolio of rental properties and now that you’ve built up cash flow every month to replace the income from your job you’re starting to wonder if it’s time for you to fire your Central Valley Property Manager.

If you’re “on the fence” about getting a new property manager in the Central Valley here are the signs that the time has come for you to make the decision to get a new property manager NOW.

#1 – Your Property Mangers Accounting Is Terrible

There’s no denying that you face paying more in taxes, or an audit, if don’t show absolute “bullet proof” records when you file taxes this is why it’s time to fire your Central Valley Property Manager if they are sending you inaccurate accounting records.

#2 – Your Property Manager Won’t Return Your Calls

Since hiring a property manager in the Central Valley is essentially a partnership you should fire your property manager if they consistently will not return your phone calls or even make the effort to call you back the same day.

Communication is vital to the long term cash flow of your rental properties and if you don’t have a property manager you can depend on it’s time to start looking for another Central Valley Property Manager.

#3 – Your Property Manager Is Unable To Get Cash Flow from Your Rental

Last of all, but most important, if your property manager in the Central Valley is unable to get cash flow from your rental then there’s no question that it’s time to replace them because thanks to a very strong rental market right now there should be no reason for you to not be earning the positive cash flow that you deserve from your rentals every month.

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