What to do with inherited property in 2018


2018 is officially here, can you believe it?

Like many people you may find yourself inheriting real estate this year from your parents or relatives and the BIG questions is what do you do with it? Should you keep the inherited property or rent it out?

Although the real estate in Central Valley is HOT right now the reality is that it would be better for you to rent out that property rather than sell it.

Why Rent Instead Of Selling Inherited Property?

Sure it’s a good idea to sell real estate when we are still at the top of the market but the reality is that holding onto real estate is also a smart idea because of the following reasons

Cash flow

Real Estate will generate cash flow for you that you can use to fund your retirement



Depending on your area in the Central Valley, your inherited property may appreciate over the coming years.

Tax free income

Your rental income may be tax-free if you do not receive net cash flow after expenses are deducted. This means that your mortgage is being paid down and you own more of the total value of the property (rather than just controlling it), but you do not pay taxes on the money that is doing this for you.

Hire A Property Management Company

If you already own your own home you know that being a homeowner is tough and comes with many responsibilities and this will make it difficult when it comes to managing a rental property as well.

You will save time, money and the hassle of managing a rental property yourself by hiring our professional team of property managers.

Some of the services we will offer you include:

· On time rent collection

· Customer service and support for your tenants

· Maintenance when needed

· Recommendations for things you can do to improve the value of your property

Enjoy the Income with Income Property

Yes, owning an income property is great but, you will ultimately have more income each month to spend on your personal needs if you hire RPM Central Valley because, we will guarantee that your rental is occupied by long term tenants so you can sit back and enjoy he income from your property each month.

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