Got A Vacant Unit? Here’s How to Fill It ASAP!

Average Rent In Stockton CA – July 2016

One of the last things that any landlord wants is to have a vacant unit but there are times where you may have a unit that’s vacant for longer than you expected.

When these situations occur don’t panic, you can get your vacant unit rented quickly by following these simple tips.

Is the Rent Too High?

The first thing that every landlord must do when one of their units is vacant for longer than they expected is to double check their rent because there’s a good possibility that the rent could be what’s “scaring” away potential renters.

To double check the rent you can use websites like Zillow or Trulia to find out what other comparable properties are renting for in the area than lower the rent to make your rental property more attractive to potential tenants.

Check Your Advertisement

Are you running the same rental advertisement that you used when your property was vacant five years ago? If so, you should improve your ad to make sure it has an enticing headline along with updated photos.

Besides taking these basic steps to improve your advertisement, you should also add more information to your ad like what amenities your rental offers, where it’s located, what’s nearby and the availability of your rental property.

Bring Your Rental Property Up to Date

When you step foot into your rental property does it scream 1980’s? If so, your rentals décor could be what’s scaring away potential tenants.

The good news about making improvements to your rental property is that it doesn’t take many improvements for you to make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your rental property.

Consider painting inside your rental, adding new carpeting, appliances and other features like USB outlets to make your rental attractive to tenants.

Change Your Pet Policy

Don’t allow pets right now? You may want to change that policy by allowing certain pets with an extra deposit and monthly pet rent because most pet owners are good tenants who are also very responsible with taking care of their animals and ensuring that they don’t damage the rental property.

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