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Property Management Tips - Real Solutions For Dealing With Angry Tenants

Most people start investing in rental properties with the hopes of earning passive income. Unfortunately, this goal often goes unmet and the average investor spends more time on managing their rental than anything else.

Here are signs that your rental property isn’t producing passive income:

You’re Spending More Time on Rent Collection

Although your tenants are supposed to pay their rent by the 1st of every month, you’ve been dealing with more tenants lately who pay as late as the 5th, make excuses why they can’t pay their rent on time or are chronically late paying their rent each month.

Maintenance Has Become a Problem

Sometimes with Central Valley Rental Property it’s possible to get a lot of maintenance calls in a short period of time, especially if you own one or more rental properties and if you’re doing the actual work yourself your cash flow stops being passive and something that’s dependent upon you satisfying the requests of your clients.

Customer Service Is an Issue

Last of all, but most important, if you’re dealing with more customer service calls from your tenants like tenants who accidently lock themselves out of their properties, problems with neighbors or customer service issues regarding the management of your rental property in the Central Valley then it’s time to consider hiring a property management company.

How RPM Central Valley Can Help You 

When you hire RPM Central Valley to manage your Central Valley Rental Property you will benefit in the following areas:

  1. On time rent payments – Your rent will be collected on time each month and deposited into your account.

  2. Expert maintenance – Any maintenance calls or requests will be professionally managed and handled by our expert property management team.

  3. Tenant Screening – We will choose the most qualified tenants for your rental property every time.

  4. Decreased turnover – With a qualified property management company your turnover will be decreased as calls, issues and potential problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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