California Legislature News – Rent Control Efforts Continue

In the November 2018 election, efforts to repeal Costa Hawkins and establish rent control was stopped at the ballot box but the desire among many political activist groups to see statewide rent control enacted hasn’t died.

With Oregon recently approving statewide rent control, many groups hope that rent control will be enacted here especially with the election of a new Governor who promised to sign rent control legislation once it reaches his desk.

If you’ve been following the efforts to enact rent control in California, one piece of bill to follow is AB-36, it was authored by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica.

“Existing law declares that the Legislature has provided specified reforms and incentives to facilitate and expedite the construction of affordable housing, and provides a list of statutes to that effect.This bill would state the findings and declarations of the Legislature that, among other things, affordable housing has reached a crisis stage that threatens the quality of life of millions of Californians as well as the state economic outlook. This bill also would express the Legislature’s intent to enact legislation in order to stabilize rental prices and increase the availability of affordable rental housing.”

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