Where Are the Blackouts Occurring in California?

It’s October 30, 2019, and fire season is officially in full swing in California but what makes this year different than other fire seasons from years past is that the power companies are blacking out large portions of the state to stop wildfires from getting worse.

High Winds Are Forcing More Blackouts

Never before in California history have more than 2 million people gone five days without electrical power because of the intentional safety policy of a utility.

But that is the plan shaping up under a massive outage across Northern and Central California, put into effect by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to prevent more wildfires like the massive Kincade fire in Sonoma County from erupting as winds howl across the region.

The outage will bust national averages for blackouts, though not the worst ones in history.

PG&E’s shut-off began in phases on Friday afternoon, and by Sunday evening the utility had cut current to 940,000 homes and businesses, affecting more than 2 million people, with one more phase to come in Fresno and Madera counties, officials said.

The outages stretch as far north as Eureka and as far south as Salinas along the coast, as well as along the Sierra foothills.

Tips for Surviving A Blackout

If you think your neighborhood may be having a blackout, here are several tips that you can use to survive a blackout if it does occur.

Be ready – Stock up on batteries, water, LED lights and other battery-operated appliances so that you can continue functioning in your home until the blackout is over.

Don’t open your fridge or freezer – Since your refrigerator won’t be operational during a blackout it’s best to remember that you shouldn’t open it. This is also why you should stock up on dried foods so that if a blackout does occur you can avoid opening the fridge since you will have other foods available.

Keep your phone charged – Until we pass the threat of blackouts, it’s best to keep your phone charged at all times because our phones can literally be lifelines in moments where there is no power.

If you forget to keep your phone charged, you may be charging your portable devices in your vehicle since most car batteries have plenty of power to charge smaller devices.

Release your garage door – If you live in a home or rental property with a garage, it’s best to release your garage door now to avoid not being able to open your garage in the event of a blackout.

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