Real Property Management – One Of The USA’S Top Franchises For 2016

CENTRAL VALLEY – Thanks to a recent interview with Fox and Friends, Lukas Krause, RPM’s Chief Operating Officer confirmed that Real Property Management is one of the top hiring firms in the United States.

150 Open Jobs In 2016

In the Fox & Friends interview Lukas Krause said that RPM currently has 150 open jobs in 2016.

RPM’s growth is thanks in large part for to the growth of the property management industry because one in three homes for sale in the United States during 2016 is a rental property since more homeowners are choosing to hang onto their homes to enjoy the rental income before selling them.

Over 270 Franchises Nationwide

The franchise world is certainly crowded and competitive with over 270 franchises nationwide but Real Property Management stands out among other franchises like McDonald’s and Subway due to the huge demand for rental properties.

Yes, more people are renting in 2016 instead of buying, even after the collapse of the Real Estate market in 2007 we’re seeing Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation X choosing to rent homes vs. buying and this has made the job of property management companies like RPM Central Valley more important than ever before.

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Source – RPM Central Valley

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