What Are Bed Bugs? Does Your Stockton Rental Property Really Have Them?


Your tenant just called to tell you that your Stockton Rental Property has bed bugs but, does your property really have bed bugs or not?

In this post we will cover some common myths and facts about bed bugs so you will know how to deal with this common problem around the world.

Myth #1 – Bed Bugs Jump

False – Bed bugs cannot jump, they are only able to crawl and can usually be found crawling on the floor, on walls, or trying to get into areas where they can hide.

Myth #2 – Bed Bugs Can Travel Through Drain Pipes

False – If you have multi-family Stockton Rental Property the good news is that bed bugs cannot travel through drain pipes or on slick surfaces, bed bugs can only travel on solid surfaces.

Myth #3 – Bites Must Mean Bed Bugs

False – Although your tenant may have bites that doesn’t mean that those bites are necessarily from bed bugs.

The only way to confirm that they have bed bugs is to find an actual bed bug, eggs or signs of bed bugs like stains on walls, furnishings or sheets.

Myth #3 – Bed Bugs Affect Low Income Homes

False – Bed bugs are affecting people and homes of all classes in this day and age, especially if someone has traveled abroad or stayed at a hostel since it’s not uncommon for bed bugs to travel on or in suitcases.

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