What Is The Average Rent For Stockton California?


As of August 2015 the average rent in Stockton California ranges from $975 per month for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house to $1,875 per month for a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house (source: Zillow).

The good news about the Stockton Rental Market is that there is plenty of inventory to choose from in terms of apartments, single family homes, condos and town homes and although rents here have remained steady over the last two years there’s still plenty of demand for rentals.

If you’re thinking about buying Stockton California rental property now is the right time to get started by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Know the Type of Rental You Are Searching For

Before entering the real estate market it’s best to know the exact type of rental you are searching for because this will help your agent find the right properties to show you.

Besides choosing the rental type you should also know where you want to buy a rental in Stockton because the location of your rental could affect the long term stability of the cash flow you will receive from it.

Once you know the rental you want to purchase it’s also best to define what you’re looking for in a rental like bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet and amenities plus you should also choose a rental property near a good school district as well because, this will also help your rental to keep its value.

Tip #2 – Choose a Stockton Property Management Company

After purchasing a Stockton Rental property you should hire a property management company immediately since this will help you to save the time, money and hassle of managing a rental yourself and free up your time to focus on building your portfolio.

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