What Is Section 8 And Should You Consider It For Your Stockton California Rental Property?

STOCKTON – Have you been experiencing difficulties with renting your Stockton California Rental Property? If so, you may want to consider Section 8.

Although Section 8 housing is traditionally for renters across the United States who are unable to pay their monthly rent, it also benefits the property owner as well in more ways than one.

About Section 8

Since 1937 Section 8 Housing has helped renters pay their monthly rent each month, including their utilities, and what’s best of all is that the property owner receives an estimated 75% of the rent each month from Section 8.

What’s not commonly known about Section 8 is that this Federal Housing program will also pay the owner more rent than what their property is worth.

For example: If you are renting your Stockton California Rental Property for $1,600 per month Section 8 will pay you an additional $300 more each month than what you might be able to receive when renting to traditional tenants and the good news is that after your mortgage, property taxes and expenses are paid you will be netting greater than 12% on your investment.

Right for Your Stockton California Rental Property

Besides being required to pay a portion of their rent each month the local Public Housing Agency will also act as the enforcer or middleman to insure that tenants continue paying on time.

What’s even better is that you can rest assured that your Stockton Rental Property is in good hands since local housing officials also act as a property manager of sorts because, they will annually check the property to make sure that the tenant has kept it in good condition.

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