What Are the Best Online Resources for Tenant Background Checks?

Are you just getting started with your first rental property and are searching for the best online resource for doing a tenant background check? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will break down some of the best resources online for tenant background checks including what you can expect to pay for each service.

Online Resources for Tenant Background Checks

  • Rent Prep
  • SmartMove
  • Experian Connect
  • Lease Runner
  • Cozy
  • Screening Works
  • Tenant Alert
  • Buildium
  • E-renter
  • tenatify
  • MyRental

Most tenant background check services cost an average of $19.95 and will provide you with a complete breakdown of a potential tenant’s history including their credit / FICO score, criminal history, address history and so much more.

Don’t Neglect the Background Check

Some owners or landlords may be tempted to “go with their gut” and rent to tenants that they have a good feeling about but regardless of a good feeling or not a landlord or owner should never just rent to someone on the fly unless they’ve done a background check.

You have to consider your own liability especially if a crime is committed at your rental property by the tenant that you choose because you could be found liable for your tenants’ activities.

As a landlord and also think about those people the tenant you choose will potentially be living around and how your tenant may affect their safety.

Thankfully, with a background check, you can eliminate all questions about a potential tenant and save yourself the time, money, heartache and hassle of renting to the wrong person.

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